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Navigating Today’s Energy Landscape

Rush Creek Resources is an oil and gas asset management company focused on the development of conventional oil reserves in legacy areas of Texas and Oklahoma. Rush Creek, founded in 2014, has navigated a devastated oil landscape to identify niche market opportunities and create attractive private energy investment opportunities for today’s energy landscape.

A New Model, for a New Era

The oil crash of 2014 presented a multitude of complex problems that took critical thinking, and grunt work to navigate. Reducing the costs of lease operating expenses to turn profits at lower for longer oil prices fell a close second behind accessing capital during the crash.

Simply put, operating oil assets did not magically become less expensive as oil prices plummeted, and banks would not lend. Enlisting private equity, Rush built a portfolio of assets boasting producing properties, secondary recovery projects, pdnp assets, and developmental drilling acreage. During the course of developing these assets, Rush capitalized on additional market opportunities adding key personnel and equipment to enhance the profitability of our model.

Through vertical integration, Rush Creek improved its operational capacity, reduced the cost of doing business, and successfully reduced and placed controls on variable expenses that are necessary in successfully managing production. What stemmed from this evolution was a model built toward acquiring quality assets, strategically reducing operating expenses, and growth through establishing/increasing production. All the meanwhile having control over maintenance costs at basement oil prices made navigating the crash a more reasonable challenge.

Pioneering the Future of American Energy and Investing

Through a commitment to growth and reinvestment in the organization, Rush has created a safe space in which to operate when it comes to maintaining and developing oil properties. In doing so Rush has maintained direct asset ownership of oil and gas wells as an attractive investment opportunity despite basement oil prices. Today, Rush Creek delivers geologically sound oil and gas development opportunities to the accredited investor community at unprecedented price points. Rush Creek Resources is Pioneering the Future of American Energy and Investing.

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