Invest with Rush Creek Resources

Invest as Little as $10,000

How to Invest


  1. View Projects – Click here or the link to view overview of current projects.
  2. In-depth Look – To see an in-depth look of a current project you will need to fill out a short personal financial statement stating as to how you qualify as an accredited investor along with your name, address, and phone number. All investors must be an accredited investor. Once this is completed you are able to view all data and documents in the current projects.
  3. Find One That Fits – Look through the projects data and decide which one fits your investment strategy. Contact Us for any questions about the project or paperwork.
  4. Decide Amount – Once you have decided on a project and the amount you want to invest click on the invest now and go through the short paperwork. Again, any questions with the paperwork or you would rather do it the old fashioned way and have your documents mailed to you please email at or call at (469) 557-8066.
  5. Invest – This includes filling out a financial statement about yourself, reading through the Private Placement Memorandum, Joint Operating Agreement and any other subdocs and then signing them. Then you can wire your investment to us or mail in a check.
  6. Relationship Manager – The Investors Relationship Manager will contact the investor and follow up with the investor and walk through the investment to make sure all questions are answered. Also, the Manager will confirm that the Investor is an Accredited Investor.