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The Comparative Advantages

Direct to Investors

Projects straight from the field by working directly with Geoscientists and allowing them to showcase their best projects to investors on this platform. There are No Middle Men, Brokers or intermediate Capital Raisers.

Quicker Payout

With no added expense from third party management companies or brokers’ commissions Rush Creek offers projects to the accredited investor community at unprecedented price points. This immediate savings by participating directly with the prospect generator creates quicker payout potentials on all Rush Creek projects.

Controlled Costs

Through vertical integration Rush Creek has been able to drive down cost on projects by providing in house services that account for some of the largest line items on projects. This savings passes through to our investment partners who enjoy reduced completion costs for new drills, and significant savings on maintenance and work-over expenditures throughout the life of their assets. The difference between a profitable asset and a toxic one is usually the cost of operations and maintenance.

Exceptional Tax Savings

Investing in Oil and Gas offers investors incredible tax benefits. Depending on the project, 60-80% of your investment the year it was invested may be deducted from annual income. Additionally, 15% of all annual income derived from production activities is subject to a depletion allowance making the revenue tax free. Find out more about your potential tax savings, click here.

Filling a Void in the Market Place with

Vison, Grit, & Ingenuity

Rush Creek created this platform to bring our successful model that we have created over the last 3 years, online, to offer it to all accredited investors. Rush Creek Resources is an oil and gas company that is using technology to bring these projects to Investors. We have created a comparative advantage by reducing cost on projects by using our own equipment and by launching this platform to cut out the cost of funding a project by a third party. This platform also allows Geologist to present their projects directly to the investor after a rigorous process of evaluating the merits of their data.

Geoscience's Corner

Are you a Geoscientist or a Petroleum Engineer with a project that you have exceptional data for and a proven track record with a project that you want to have funded? If so go to our Geoscience’s Corner.

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